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This week: bladder cancer, and a novel way of building a replacement bladder

Men diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer often face surgery to remove their diseased bladders and replace them with external bags. But some patients are candidates for a novel operation in which a replacement bladder is created from a length of their own intestine.

Allan Sustare, 63, of DeWitt has led a normal, active life since his surgery two years ago. “I count myself luckier than anybody I know,” he said.

Sustare joins his surgeon, Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky, on this week’s show to share details of the aggressive treatment that was required to treat the form of cancer with which Sustare was diagnosed. Bratslavsky leads the department of urology at Upstate Medical University.

Then, Dr. Srinivas Vourganti provides an overview of bladder cancer, which strikes smokers three times as often as nonsmokers. Find out why, along with how the disease is diagnosed and treated.

Also this week: advancements that will allow for better study of brain tissue and its function. Plus, new regulations that allow people to return unused medications to pharmacies.