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This week: Health risks of low-wage work, ethical issues in medical decision-making

Making a low wage is a health hazard, says Jeanette Zoeckler, the director of research and special projects for the Occupational Health Clinical Centers at Upstate. She's been immersed in the Low-Wage Workers' Health Project since 2013, analyzing the health effects of low-wage jobs on workers, mostly from the service sectors of multiple industries.

Conditions that can put workers at risk include: chemicals used in the workplace, requirements to stand for long periods, the sheer volume of work and in some cases, an emotional toll. Her study charts a variety of symptoms reported by 559 low-wage workers from the Syracuse area. The next phase of her research will expand into other areas of central New York.

Also on the show this week: when children and parents disagree with doctors. Plus, new vision research. Tune in Sunday, September 3 on "HealthLink on Air."