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Oswego Police Department steps up patrols

While students attending SUNY Oswego continue to get settled this school year, the Oswego Police Department is using more officers and patrolmen to keep the city's quality of life high. Lt. Charles Searor says the department is also trying out a new proactive method of enforcing the law and teaching students the proper way to live in residential neighborhoods.

"Newer, different approaches on the education end of it to prevent us from going back and then having to take enforcement actions, it actually helps us out in the long run if they're educated and they understand that the police are trying to help us out as well," said Searor.

So far this semester, Searor says the types of calls received have been about the same as they are every year at this time.

"When you put something like this together and plan for your disorderly conducts, whether that be your loud parties or your loud noises or your open containers, individuals under the age of 21 consuming alcohol, that's the type of stuff that we've seen yearly," Searor said.

For students that are caught breaking the law, Searor says officers will still use their judgment to determine whether to issue a ticket or a warning for each violation.

The lieutenant says the goal is always to keep everyone safe, while maintaining the highest quality of life possible for Oswego's residents, students and visitors.