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Sinusitis, back pain, liver cancer link to artificial sweeteners

Telling the difference between sinusitis and a cold can be difficult, especially at the change of seasons. Dr. Mark Arnold discusses each condition and how sinusitis -- inflammation of the sinuses -- can be treated on this week's "HealthLink on Air." He is an assistant professor of otolaryngology (an ear, nose and throat specialist) and communications sciences at Upstate.

Also on the program, physical therapist Steven Lounsbury addresses low back pain, which can often be treated with movement, contrary to some people's desire to just rest up. Lounsbury specializes in strength and conditioning.

And, Dr. Andras Perl shares research he led that showed some commonly used artificial sweeteners can cause cancer of the liver. Perl, who specializes in rheumatology and research, explains the role of enzymes and sugar alcohols and why he has curtailed his use of products containing these sweeteners.

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