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  • Pathologist Robert Stoppacher explains the value of autopsy. Syracuse University associate professor Rebecca Ortiz shares research on sexual and public health advertising. Psychiatrist Christopher Lucas gives tips for avoiding cell phone addiction.
  • Geriatrics chief, Dr. Sharon Brangman discusses caring for aging parents. Transplant surgeon, Dr. Reza Saidi explains how a patient's weight impacts kidney transplants. Colorectal surgeon, Dr. Kristina Go shares advice for how to prepare for a colonoscopy.
  • Public health researcher Brooks Gump shares a study linking early heart damage in children to toxins in the environment. Sustainability manager Paul Corsi discusses why and how to support pollinators including bees. Infectious disease expert Stephen Thomas provides an overview of the threat of dengue virus.
  • Scientist Stephen Faraone discusses whether products can boost concentration. Oncology nurse Susan Tiffany talks about transitioning from cancer treatment into survivorship. Medical oncologist Alina Basnet goes over concerns about prostate cancer treatment.
  • Dr. Thomas VanderMeer takes a look at a type of cancer that seems to be on the rise, Dr. Stephen Graziano gives an update on lung cancer, Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky discusses an increase in prostate and kidney cancers.
  • Transplant chief Reza Saidi explains the value of pancreas transplants. Public health researcher Jamie Romeiser discusses the connection between COVID-19 and chronic pain. Ophthalmology researcher William Spencer shares what he's learned about the retina.
  • Infectious disease doctor, Ramiro Gutierrez explains why fungal infections are a growing threat. Doctor of pharmacy Christine Stork discusses the rare vomiting side effect that happens to some daily users of marijuana. And pediatrician Greg Conners shares guidance for helping families fill prescriptions after a visit to the pediatric emergency department.
  • Pediatric orthopedic surgeon Rajin Shahrier discusses arm and leg injuries in children. Assistant chaplain Bob Crandall tells how and why reiki is offered to hospital patients and staff. Geriatrician Sharon Brangman gives advice about how to tell when aging parents need help.
  • Gynecologist Maureen Burke explains the new over-the-counter birth control option for women called the Opill. Pediatric infectious disease specialist Joseph Domachowske tells about the research behind the newly-approved medication to prevent respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, in babies and young children.
  • Pediatric infectious disease specialist, Dr. Joe Domachowske, tells about cytomegalovirus testing of newborns in New York state, and the research he's conducting on a potential new vaccine that moms would take to protect their babies. And cell and developmental biologist Jason Horton explains how cancer drugs are developed and some advances that may help speed up the process.