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Cytomegalovirus, cancer drug development and skin care

Starting this summer, all babies born in New York state will be screened for congenital cytomegalovirus, or CMV. Coincidentally, Upstate researchers are recruiting women of childbearing age into a study of a vaccine that could prevent congenital CMV.

Dr. Joe Domachowske goes over what's important to know about CMV -- it can cause hearing loss in newborns -- and how you can participate in his study in this week's "HealthLink on Air." Domachowske is a professor of pediatrics, and also of microbiology and immunology, at Upstate, and he specializes in pediatric infectious disease.

Also on the program, the majority of the promising new cancer drug candidates never make it to market. Only a small fraction of drugs that make it through clinical trials will end up with approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

Research scientist Jason Horton explains some of the pitfalls and tells about potential advances that could speed up the process. He is an assistant professor of cell and developmental biology, orthopedic surgery and radiation oncology at Upstate.

And Dr. Ramsay Farah offers tips on protecting aging skin. He is chief of dermatology at Upstate.

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