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ADHD medications, cancer survivorship and prostate cancer

Can ADHD drugs help those who don't have ADHD to improve concentration or study for a test? An expert in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder explores that topic, as well as other supposed brain boosters, with an answer likely to disappoint people hoping for an instant, effortless edge in brain power, on this week's "HealthLink on Air." Stephen Faraone, PhD, has specialized in researching ADHD and is a Distinguished Professor and vice chair of research of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Upstate. He also discusses supplements that claim to boost brain function.

Also on "HealthLink on Air," survivorship is the next step after cancer treatment wraps up. Susan Tiffany discusses what this entails, such as the patients transitioning from cancer specialists back to their primary care providers. She is a registered nurse certified in oncology nursing at the Upstate Cancer Center.

And, Alina Basnet, MD, a medical oncologist at Upstate, discusses what a man should consider when facing prostate cancer treatment and touches on what the women in his life should keep in mind. She is an assistant professor of medicine at Upstate and part of the team that cares for men with prostate cancer.

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