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Caring for aging parents; kidney transplants; colonoscopy prep

Upstate's chief of geriatrics, Dr. Sharon Brangman, discusses what adult children should consider as their parent's age in this week's "HealthLink on Air." She covers how to make sure their home is safe, when to consult with a geriatrician, why "activities of daily living" matter and how a geriatrics care manager might be able to help.

Also on the program, overweight and obese patients with failing kidneys should not be excluded from getting a kidney transplant, says Dr. Reza Saidi part of a team that researched the topic. While weight and body mass index are factors surgeons consider when someone has end-stage renal disease, Saidi says research shows that overweight patients do well with new kidneys and that diseased kidneys are far worse than obesity. Saidi, an associate professor of surgery and the chief of transplant services at Upstate, discusses how weight can affect kidney transplants and notes that he encourages healthy weight and lifestyle practices in his patients.

And Dr. Kristina Go, a colorectal surgeon, goes over how to prepare for a colonoscopy.

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