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Adult vaccines, tissue typing, hospital food

In addition to flu shots this season, additional vaccines can protect adults from a variety of other diseases. Dr. Elizabeth Asiago-Reddy, Upstate's chief of infectious disease, goes over immunization recommendations for influenza, COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in this episode of "HealthLink on Air."

Also on the show, making sure transplanted kidneys and other organs are not rejected is a big part of the work in a histocompatibility lab. How organ donors are matched to recipients is explained by pathologist Reut Hod Dvorai, director of the histocompatibility, or tissue-typing, lab at Upstate. She also explains how her specialty, relatively unknown to the public, evolved alongside the field of transplantation.

And, "stealth health" is the way Daniel Ellithorpe describes food offerings in the hospital cafeteria these days. The menu is generally lower in sugar and salt, more appealing in taste and offers many options. Ellithorpe and Eric Adams discuss how menus are crafted and the variety of food options offered. Ellithorpe is the senior director of food services at Upstate, and Adams is the system director of food service and hospitality at Upstate.

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