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Reducing kidney disease risk, eating for kidney health

Risk factors for kidney disease include some that are controllable, such as diabetes and blood pressure, and others that are uncontrollable, such as a family history of the disease. Michael Lioudis, MD, the chief of nephrology at Upstate, talks about how kidney disease is diagnosed, treated, and avoided on this week's "HealthLink on Air," as well as discussing dialysis and how much water people should drink.

Also on the program, people with kidney disease traditionally have been told to restrict their intake of plant foods. Some researchers are questioning that advice. John Babich, a third-year student at Upstate’s Norton College of Medicine, explains the benefits of a plant-based diet, even for people with kidney disease. His paper on this subject was published in "Advances in Kidney Disease and Health."

And orthopedic surgeon Rajin Shahriar, MD, explains how bones heal in children.

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