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There are plenty of reasons to donate to your public radio station and you hear most of them on-the-air during fundraisers from WRVO staff. But why do the WRVO staff members themselves donate? In fact, why do they work at the station? Why do they have their radios tuned to WRVO?We take the time to find out when we ask, "Why WRVO?"

Why WRVO? Our resident news hound values reporting and a show you wouldn't expect

Syracuse Press Club

"I listen to NPR for its quality journalism. NPR news stories inform me, entertain me and always make me think. And I know I can trust NPR's reporting. I enjoy the variety of topics NPR reports on -- from sports to religion, and my obsession, political news."

Our news director, Catherine Loper, is a big fan of political news -- for obvious reasons. But she has some room in her heart for other NPR programs too.

"I love "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!" and "Car Talk," even though car repair is one of my least-favorite things on Earth!"

Catherine started here about five years ago and came to us from Washington, D.C. where she covered politics for years. She lives up in the North Country now and regularly challenges listeners there to donate during our fundraiser.

"I work for WRVO because I believe in the importance of quality local news. Every region deserves to have a variety of different kinds of reporting to inform the community."

On her long drive each day, Catherine is able to catch up on news from around the world. She relies on NPR wherever and whenever -- and knows that you do too.

"I believe we should -- and do -- spend money on what we value. ... So if you value WRVO, you should support it. The station is available to you whether or not you donate, but why not spend a little money to make sure you can always have WRVO in your media diet."

Make your donation during our spring fundraiser -- there are just over two days left to make a difference. Call (800) 341-3690 or donate online.

This week we're sharing the perspectives of our staff as they answer the question: "Why WRVO?"