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NPR Wins Four 2022 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards

Sam Sanders won Best Overall Host, Throughline won Best History Podcast, How I Built This won Best Business & Finance Podcast, and Radio Ambulante won Best Spanish Language Podcast

iHeartRadio announced the winners of its 2022 Podcast Awards in a virtual ceremony last night. NPR had four winners and eight nominees!

Congratulations to NPR's winners:

The winner of Best Overall Host (Male) was Sam Sanders. "I am so grateful and honored to receive this award," Sam says. "Obviously, it's a recognition of more than just me. There's a whole team that works hard every week to make It's Been A Minute– thank you all! And from the start, NPR has given us all the runway we need to keep pushing the envelope as the show's voice evolves. Thanks to iHeart for the recognition and thanks to all of our listeners for their continued support." The team includes: Sam Sanders, Jordana Hochman, Jinae West, Anjuli Sastry, Andrea Gutierrez, and Liam McBain.

The winner of Best History Podcast was Throughline. "When we launched Throughline in 2019 we never thought we'd be nominated in a category of history shows we admired and respected," say hosts Ramtin Arablouei and Rund Abdelfatah. "The fact that we won is even more mind blowing. From the start of Throughline we committed to taking risks and making a history, storytelling program that challenges listeners and sounds unique. We also understood that this kind of weird, immersive show may not be a winning formula commercially or critically. But, again, to our astonishment the show has earned the support of a big audience and critics. NPR took a chance on our idea and gave us support that propelled us to this point. We are deeply grateful to the organization and to the people who tune into the show and, of course, iHeart media for giving us this award." The team includes: Ramtin Arablouei, Rund Abdelfatah, Lawrence Wu, Laine Kaplan-Levenson, Victor Yvellez, Julie Caine, Tamar Charney, and Yolanda Sangweni.

/ iHeart Awards
iHeart Awards

The winner of Best Business & Finance Podcast was How I Built This. "We were honored just to be considered alongside our favorite business shows," said Guy Raz, creator and host of How I Built This. "Our team works hard every day to bring our listeners a show that takes us on a journey through the triumphs and failures of building an iconic brand. We are overjoyed and grateful for this recognition." The team includes: Guy Raz, Jeff Rogers, Neva Grant, Casey Herman, J.C. Howard, Elaine Coates, Liz Metzger, Kerry Thompson, and Julia Carney.

/ iHeart Awards
iHeart Awards

The winner of Best Spanish Language Podcast was Radio Ambulante. "Every story we produce is the work of a talented team of reporters, producers, editors, fact-checkers, and sound designers. A recognition like this is important, because it reminds us that there's an audience for our Latin American and Latinx stories in audio. We're incredibly proud," said host Daniel Alarcón. The team includes: Camila Segura, Daniel Alarcón, Luis Fernando Vargas, Nicolás Alonso, Lisette Arévalo, Aneris Casassus, David Trujillo, Andrés Azpiri, Fernanda Guzmán, Emilia Erbetta, Desirée Yépez, Rémy Lozano and Ana Pais.

And to NPR's nominees:

  • Code Switchwas nominated for Podcast of the Year. The team includes: Gene Demby, Shereen Marisol Meraji, Karen Grigsby Bates, Steve Drummond, Kumari Devarajan, Christina Cala, Alyssa Jeong Perry, Jess Kung, Summer Thomad, Natalie Escobar, Leah Donnella, LA Johnson, and Sam Yellowhorse Kesler.
  • Louder Than a Riot was nominated for both Podcast of the Year and Best Music Podcast. The team includes: Rodney Carmichael, Sidney Madden, Addie Lancianese, Sam Leeds, Matt Ozug, Dustin DeSoto, Babette Thomas, Michael May, Chiqiuta Paschal, Chenjerai Kumanyika, N'Jeri Eaton, Lauren Onkey, and Steve Nelson.
  • Up First was nominated for Best News Podcast. The team included: A Martinez, Arezou Rezvani, Avery Keatley, Bo Hamby, Catherine Mailhouse, Catherine Whalen, Fernando Pizzaro, Gail Austin, HJ Mai, Jacob Conrad, Jan Johnson, Jeevika Verma, Kelley Dickens, Lilly Quiroz, Lindsay Totty, Marc Rivers, Milton Guevara, Miranda Kennedy, Mohamad ElBardicy, Nina Kravinsky, Noel King, Patrick Boyd, Rachel Martin, Ryan Beck, Scott Saloway, Simone Popperl, Steve Inskeep, Steve Mullis, Victoria Whitley-Berry, Will Jones, and Ziad Buchh.
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour was nominated for Best Pop Culture Podcast and Best TV & Film Podcast. The team included: Aisha Harris, Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon, Mike Katzif, Candice Lim, and Jessica Reedy.
  • Invisibiliawas nominated for Best Science Podcast. The team included Yowei Shaw, Kia Miakka Natisse, Abby Wendle, Andrew Mambo, Deb George, Luis Trelles, Nicole Beemsterboer and Liana Simstrom.
  • NPR Politics Podcast was nominated for Best Politics Podcast. The team included: Tamara Keith, Susan Davis, Scott Detrow, Asma Khalid, Ayesha Rascoe, Shirley Henry, Muthoni Muturi, Eric McDaniel, Barton Girdwood, Chloee Weiner, Elena Moore, Lexie Schapitl, and Krishnadev Calamur.
  • Congratulations also to Member station nominees:

    Best Overall Female Host

    Anna Sale, WNYC

    Best Kids & Family Podcast

    Circle Round, WBUR

    Best Spanish Language Podcast

    Anything for Selena, WBUR

    The iHeartRadio Podcast Awards took place virtually last night, February 3, honoring the very best in podcasting throughout 2021 and celebrating the most innovative talent and content creators in the industry. For more information on all the category award winners and highlights from the event, visit iHeartPodcastAwards.com.

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