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This week: HIV testing, physician burnout and suicide prevention

A medication that prevents the transmission of HIV can help quell the AIDS epidemic if the people at risk for contracting the virus reliably take the medication every day.

Nicky Jennings, an education specialist from Upstate's department of pediatric infectious diseases, helps locate people who need HIV testing and who could benefit from pre-exposure prophylaxis medication, better known as PrEP. She answers questions and provides information to people via phone or text message at (315) 571-0013.

Jennings cautions that PrEP is not a substitute for the use of condoms, which are still required to help reduce the transmission of other sexually-transmitted diseases.

Also this week: a new psychiatry high risk program that is designed especially for people age 16 to 40 who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, plus treating physician burnout with a boost of resiliency.

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