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Proposed State Budgets Could Result in Job Loss

By Jasmyn Belcher

Oswego, NY – Syracuse-area State Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli said all of the proposed state budgets would result in job loss.

Assembly Democrats have released their budget plan, calling it just a "sketch" to be worked out. They have proposed restoring cuts to education, rejecting $1 billion in taxes and fees and supporting Lieutenant Gov. Richard Ravitch's proposal for additional borrowing.

But Assemblyman Magnarelli said no matter which budget is adopted; jobs will be lost.

"The only way you really cut significant dollars out of the state's budget, or out of the county's budget or the city's budget, for that matter, you have to cut jobs," said Magnarelli, "because everything else is minuscule compared to the amounts of money that are spent on personnel. Unfortunately, to me, the biggest thing that I regret is that these cuts will force the loss of jobs."

Magnarelli said Lawmakers must make government more efficient by ruling out any waste or fraud. He said he believes there is fraud, especially in the Medicaid system.