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Foneless February: Lay the groundwork for our spring fundraiser

Here at WRVO Public Media, we pride ourselves on our content -- regional news coverage, analysis of the policies that affect our nation and our world, live speeches and press conferences, stories that make you laugh (or cry), first listens to some of the best new music, pieces that explain complex world events, showcases of the best in old time radio, investigative journalism, the latest in scientific discovery, and so much more. It's what we bring you each and every week. But most of all, we pride ourselves on our listeners.

Becoming a member of WRVO is never an obligation for those who listen, but it makes all the difference. We provide extraordinary radio every day, but we can't continue to do so without the financial support of more listeners like you. So why not make a difference today and donate?

In order to make our spring fundraiser a success, we need to hear from you now. During the month of February, we ask that listeners donate ahead of the usual on-air drive. Donating during the month of February puts us on better footing for the spring fundraiser. It gives us a head start and reduces the amount of fundraising we have to do the following month.

Not convinced? Foneless February is just that, phone-less. You'll hear some goal updates on the air. We'll keep you updated on how much we've raised towards our overall $180,000 goal. But that's it. None of the programming is interrupted. You won't be hearing our on-air staff or reporters explaining why you should give.

It's a silent campaign, and it's easy to participate. You can donate on your own time, silently, online or by mailing a check to WRVO Public Media, 7060 State Route 104, Oswego, NY 13126. If you'd rather not use our secure online form, you can still call (800) 341-3690 to donate.

We're counting on having a successful campaign this year, to meet the ever changing demands put on us, and it all starts with Foneless February. Give this month to ensure your public radio station can continue to bring you the content you rely on.

Donate to WRVO today.