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America's Story: Why you came to live in America

From "The Response: America's Story," we bring you a program about immigration, one of President Trump's signature issues.

Contributors from a dozen states and every corner of the world tell how they got here and what they hope happens next. An Indonesian engineer loses his job and his legal status, but wins the immigration lottery and lands in Indiana. A Minnesota grandmother watches her Mexican son-in-law get picked up and then deported. A graduate student from Utah is about to get a master's degree and go into politics, but worries she'll be going to detention instead. Other contributors say they or their ancestors came legally, and always for a better life.

This hour-long program, full of heartfelt experiences, is a testament to both the strength and challenge of the U.S. as a diverse nation.

Tune in Sunday, March 26 at 7 p.m. on WRVO.