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Here's the Thing: How Julie Brown broke the Jeffrey Epstein story

Matthew Septimus
Alec Baldwin in discussion with reporter Julie Brown at Manhattan's Greene Space in April 2019.

Julie Brown of the Miami Herald conceived, reported, and wrote one of the most explosive criminal justice stories in recent memory. She revealed the shutting down of an FBI investigation that may have been on the verge of discovering the full extent of a child-sex-trafficking operation run by politically-connected billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

The prosecutor allegedly behind that decision, Alex Acosta, is now President Trump's Secretary of Labor.  Acosta offered Epstein a plea deal in which Epstein pleaded guilty to recruiting underage girls for sex and spent about a year in the local lockup, with work release.  The deal also proactively protected from prosecution any potential co-conspirators.

Brown pored over internal emails to see exactly how Acosta and other powerful law-enforcement officials made these decisions. More about her reporting, and the personal background that drove it this week on “Here’s the Thing” with Alec Baldwin. Tune in Sunday, July 14 at 7 p.m. on WRVO Public Media.

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