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Making the business case for "doing good"

Zack Seward/WXXI
Liz Brenna, founder of Socially Good Business. Brenna helps existing companies bolster their image by undertaking "corporate social responsibility" initiatives.

From toilet paper to soda pop, more and more companies are testing whether "doing good" can be good for the bottom line.

The idea behind corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is that consumers reward good corporate citizens - that connecting with someone's values is the best way to create a loyal customer.

Ben & Jerry's has long been on the leading edge of the CSR movement. Now a Ben & Jerry's alum wants to spread that message to Rochester and beyond.

"To me it's 'values-led business'," says Liz Brenna, the 26-year-old founder of CSR consulting firm Socially Good Business.

"It's creating a relationship with your consumers based on their values," the Rochester native adds. "I mean, what stronger way to connect with consumers than on such a core level?"

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