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NPR launches Alexa routines to make listening even easier

NPR launches Alexa routines to make listening even easier
Anne Li
NPR launches Alexa routines to make listening even easier

NPR debuted a new way to listen to NPR at Alexa Live, Amazon's annual developer conference that focuses on the future of ambient intelligence, smart home, and voice AI.

Through Alexa Routines NPR listeners can better integrate NPR into their daily habits.

"We built these experiences because we know our listeners love getting the news in the morning as they prepare for the day," said Kaivon Jones, NPR's lead developer on the project.

If you're an Alexa user, here three routines you can try today (make sure you have the NPR skill enabled first):

Wake up with NPR

After dismissing your morning alarm, you'll hear the date and the weather, followed by news from NPR. Try this routine.

Start my day with NPR

When you say "Alexa, start my day," you'll hear the weather, followed by the news from NPR. Try this routine.

NPR on Schedule

Plays the news from NPR at whatever time you choose. Try this routine.

The best part about these routines? You can customize any of these routines to fit your needs in the Alexa app or build your own! Here's how.

If you own a Google Assistant device, you can also build similar routines Assistant app featuring your favorite NPR podcast or your local NPR station stream.

For more ways to listen to NPR on Alexa, Assistant and Siri, check out our guide.

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Anne Li
Anne Li is the emerging platforms lead for NPR One, the engine that powers personalized news and podcast experiences across different platforms. Li is responsible for NPR One's editorial strategy on devices like smart speakers and other voice-activated devices, and she works closely with NPR's editorial and technology teams to set NPR listeners up for success on those platforms.