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Protecting your heart health as temperatures soar across CNY

Tommy Wong
Wikimedia Commons

The American Heart Association says soaring temperatures can be hard on your heart, causing it to pump harder to help cool down the body.

American Heart Association Board President and Crouse Hospital Chief Nursing Office Lynne Shopiro said when the heat hits, make sure you’re staying hydrated.

"You're losing water just in the sweating process, so you have to replenish your fluids," said Shopiro.

Shopiro said water is better than sugary drinks, and it’s a good idea to avoid caffeine and alcohol. She also recommends trying to stay inside in the early afternoon, and getting dressed with the temperature in mind.

"Dress in lighter weight clothes, certainly shorts, things like that,” she said. “Head coverings are important, and certainly use sunscreen."

Shopiro said if you feel symptoms of heat exhaustion, like heavy sweating, dizziness, or nausea, take a break and rest. Also, keep an eye out for symptoms of heat stroke.

"(Heat stroke is) when you see overall symptoms, like you have a very rapid pulse, you become disoriented, confused. Certainly, you're running a fever at that point,” said Shopiro.

She said if you think you may have heat stroke or if you feel seriously ill, don’t hesitate to call 911 and get a medical assessment.

Jessica Cain is a freelance reporter for WRVO, covering issues around central New York. Most recently, Jessica was a package producer at Fox News in New York City, where she worked on major news events, including the 2016 presidential conventions and election. Prior to that, she worked as a reporter and anchor for multiple media outlets in central and northern New York. A Camillus native, Jessica enjoys exploring the outdoors with her daughters, going to the theater, playing the piano, and reading.