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Syracuse First organizes "Cuse Mob" for Saturday

Syracuse First via Twitter

Syracuse First is using a social media strategy to push it's buy local message this weekend.

It's kind of like a flash mob, when a group of people are mobilized by social media to meet in a certain place at a certain time.  This cash mob, or "Cuse mob" as Syracuse first is calling it, gets those people to come to a business to spend money. In this case, hints have been going out about a business on North Salina Street that will be the location of the Cuse mob according to Syracuse First Executive Director Chris Fowler.

"Craft Chemistry is a hybrid gallery, retail store," said Fowler. "They have art openings, and they sell locally produced gifts."

Fowler says the Syracuse First website has lit up with the news of the Cuse mob and he thinks it's a great way to showcase the Syracuse First message to buy local.

"There are some metrics that show that Syracuse is a very wired community," he said. "We have a very active Twitter community and Syracuse First is fortunate to have an active Twitter following, and Facebook following as well.  So our social media campaign has been received quite well."

This also follows a new collaboration between Syracuse First and Centerstate C-E-O, which will mean more visibility for the Syracuse First businesses in the future.