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Study shows high confidence in COVID-19 vaccine at Syracuse University


Students at Syracuse University have had little hesitancy about getting the coronavirus vaccine, according to a survey taken earlier this year.

College students just want to get back to normal. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on their college experience, so SU senior Jesse Nadelman said it’s no surprise that a study of student confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine showed 95% willing to get a shot, if it meant a return to pre-pandemic college life.

“I think there is an obvious desire to get back to normal, and get their youth and lives back that they so dearly miss,” said Nadelman.

It’s something he can relate to.

“My senior year has been totally upended. I haven’t seen friends I saw the last three years,” he said. “I didn’t get to go to the same bars and have the same social life.  And none of us are going to get that back. And I think for the undergrad students at least, the vaccine allows them a chance to get that normalcy back.”

The research survey was conducted in late January and early February, before many students were eligible to get the vaccine. But the results are reflected in a 70% vaccination rate at SU according to Nadelman.

But what about those who were hesitant?

“Those who were on the fence and those who didn’t want to get it at all, 61% said it was about the side effects and also 7.6% who didn’t want to get the vaccine said it was because how fast it was approved."

The group of graduating seniors who completed the research on student vaccine hesitancy will present findings during a panel on campus Wednesday evening.

Syracuse Research Report R1V5 250dpi by WRVO News on Scribd

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