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Minor program adjustments at WRVO

Matteo Ianeselli/Wikimedia Commons

Thought you heard something just a little different on WRVO? Good for you…that means you’re paying attention. NPR has made some minor changes to some of its programs – most notably Morning Edition and All Things Considered – which require us to make a few adjustments of our own. You may hear a newscast where you didn’t hear one before, or a feature you’re used to hearing at a certain time may be heard a little earlier or later. While things may sound slightly different, you’re still getting the same quantity – and more importantly, the same quality – of news from NPR, and we hope you’ll notice an increased commitment to coverage of local issues by the WRVO News Department.

The changes do require us to make adjustments to two of WRVO’s feature segments, Birdnote and StardateBirdnote, which has been heard at 9:59am weekdays, moves one hour later to 10:59am Monday through Friday. And Stardate, which has been at 6:59pm weekdays, is now heard a little earlier, at 6:32pm.

While all of these minor adjustments are designed to create a better listening experience, it may be you don’t notice anything different at all, and that’s fine, too. If you have any questions or comments, please email them to feedback@wrvo.org.  Thanks for listening to WRVO!