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The latest in health

Wall Boat

This week on "Take Care": new and noteworthy developments in health and wellness. We've been sharing the "latest in health" segment with you for a couple of years on the show, bringing listeners new studies and research, interesting developments and so much more. For this show, we're focusing on quite a few different stories in that vein.

There's a popular column in The New York Times Magazine called "Diagnosis." So popular, in fact, that a collection of those stories have been included in a book by the same name. And if you're wondering why this might sound familiar to you, it could be because the most recent iteration of the series is a Netflix original series. We're joined by Dr. Lisa Sanders, the woman behind "Diagnosis." Sanders is an internist on the faculty of the Yale University School of Medicine.

Our idea of health has evolved over the decades to include much more than just our physical health. The concept of wellness involves our mental health, overall happiness and so much more. One of our guests this week says that if you aren't already, you should also be paying attention to how your financial health measures up. Brett Whysel, lecturer in the business department of the Borough of Manhattan Community College, is a former investment banker and co-founder of Decision Fish LLC. He joins us to talk about how financial health is now seen as part of overall wellness and why that's important.

A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics highlights a worrisome connection between screen use and childhood brain development. We discuss screens and media use with Dr. Michael Rich, director of the Center on Media and Child Health and associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

Health care ministries have also been in the news lately, and not for a good reason. A couple of them are facing significant legal challenges for not operating as they should. New Hampshire Public Radio Reporter Todd Bookman joins us to explain New Hampshire's case against these two ministries and the bigger story.

Tune in for a conversation on health and wellness on "Take Care," produced by WRVO Public Media on Sunday, December 22 at 7 p.m. and Friday, December 27 at 1 p.m.