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Paladino urges New York Republicans to back Trump

Michael Mroziak

While the New York Primary is just under four months away, former gubernatorial candidate and western New York businessman Carl Paladino is encouraging Republicans to back Donald Trump's presidential bid now.

Paladino expressed his support for Trump's campaign in an open letter to the state's Republicans, and urges party leadership not to be neutral, especially with state Democratic party leaders already backing Hillary Clinton.

In Paladino's opinion, GOP leadership in New York state is too establishment-minded. 

"You're not seeing much from the party leadership," said Paladino. "Many are taking the stance that [New York State Republican Chairman] Ed Cox dictated, and that is they should remain neutral pending the primary."

Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy took exception to that suggestion, saying that no leaders have ordered anyone to remain neutral. He added that a clearer choice will emerge by the time New York's primary arrives on April 19.

"If there still is a field, because candidates will drop out of this race, I think it will be a far more narrow field and we'll have a better picture of who is poised to be the nominee in time for that primary," Langworthy said.

Trump's candidacy has sparked controversy on numerous occasions. Paladino says Trump has no filter, but that frankness is resonating with many frustrated voters.

"They have a president they just can't identify with," Paladino said. "They have all these other people that are trying to walk between the raindrops and not call it out, and not say what's on their mind."

Langworthy says prominent New York Democrats have thrown their support behind Clinton because she is that party's obvious and only choice.

"She's next in line. She feels entitled after her time as secretary of state, as first lady and as U.S. senator," Langworthy said.