This week: COVID-19 rehabilitation, post-polio syndrome, trauma care

Oct 13, 2020

People recovering from COVID-19 may struggle to return to their previous activities with the same stamina. On this week's episode of "HealthLink on Air," Matthew Bowman, who has a doctorate in physical therapy, says these patients may benefit from a rehabilitation program. He is from Upstate's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, where he specializes in cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy. Bowman explains the measures in place to make sure physical therapy appointments are safe during the pandemic, and how some patients may arrange virtual visits.

Also this week, neurologist Jenny Meyer addresses polio and post-polio syndrome. And Dr. Bill Marx, chief of trauma and critical care at Upstate University Hospital, tells how the pandemic has impacted trauma care. Listen this Sunday, October 18 at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. for more.