Oswego, NY – Two groups opposed to nuclear power say federal regulators failed to inform the public about all the risks associated with dry cask storage systems.

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NY – Democratic candidate for Governor Carl McCall was making a last minute whirlwind tour of the state last night to get more support.

But polls indicate that Governor Pataki, who ran from rally to rally with his son Owen, is still firmly in the lead.

Independence Party candidate Thomas Golisano spent the evening in Schenectady talking with supporters about special interest funding, one of his major campaign themes this year.

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New York, NY – A group of conservative rabbis says Governor Pataki isn't as conservative as he's pretending to be.

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Albany, NY – A coalition of parents, teachers, and children's advocacy groups has surveyed candidates about the issue of reforming New York's school aid formula.

"The Alliance for Quality Education" says most candidates want to change the way schools are awarded state money.

Most said wealthy suburban districts should have to give up some state aid so that poorer urban and rural districts could improve their curriculum.

Albany, NY – Governor Pataki has won praise from the Adirondack Council for protecting loons, supporting an adirondack museum, and agreeing on an environmental spending plan with the legislature.

The group released it's annual "State of the Park" report on issues affecting the Adirondacks.

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was also cited by the group for his work on acid rain and his efforts to negotiate legislation increasing penalties for timber theft.

New York – A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that having Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs, in public places saves lives.

The study found that 67% of those treated with an AED within 5 minutes of having a heart attack lived.

Red Cross Spokesman John Freeborn says the study makes the case for more AEDs in public places like malls, restaurants, and airports.

Freeborn says the devices are not foolproof, however, and that some training should be offered to employees.

Oswego, NY – Thomas Golisano will be in Oswego today.

The Independence Party candidate will meet with Mayor John Gosek and local officials to discuss the issues facing New York State.

Golisano will meet and greet the public at Coleman's restaurant at 2:30 p.m.

Golisano made headlines yesterday when he ran a two minute advertisment announcing he would stay in the race for governor to the end.

Rochester, NY – The Rochester Institute of Technology is teaming up with the CIA.

The Intelligence Agency wants researchers at RIT to continue it's work on tiny batteries known as "nanopower sources."

The CIA thinks the small, lightweight sources of power will help soldiers in the field with an increasing amount of technical gadgetry.

Oneida, NY – Thomas Golisano won't be getting the endorsement of the Oneida Indian Nation.

The tribe is outraged by a campaign flyer being distributed by the Independence Party candidate for governor.

In the flyer, Golisano says he opposes the establishment of any tax-exempt, sovereign Indian nation.

Golisano also says he supports the landowners living in areas facing Native American land claim proceedings.

In addition, he makes a back-handed reference to ending native gaming in New York State.

Oswego, NY – Chairman of the SUNY Oswego Political Science Department Bruce Altschuler says it's unclear why Golisano bought two minutes of airtime to announce he'd remain in the race for Governor.

Altschuler says the Independence party candidate may have contemplated dropping out of the race, or he may have been pulling a last minute publicity stunt.

Fulton, NY – The building that has housed the Nestle plant in Fulton for 102 years will be put on the market soon.

Nestle officials plan to meet with a corporate realtor in the next few weeks. Their goal is to sell the structure as soon as possible.

The company also announced that fifty of it's most senior workers will be the first to lose their jobs as the company slows production at the Fulton plant. Those workers volunteered for an early-out.

Syracuse, NY – A judge has ruled that the Syracuse Catholic Diocese must release personnel records in the sexual misconduct case of Monsignor Charles Sewall.

State Supreme Court Judge John Grow says the Diocese must release the documents to the judge in the case. That judge will then decide what to show prosecuting attorneys.

The lawyer representing the three men who accuse Sewall of sexual misconduct accused the Syracuse Diocese of stalling the case earlier this week.

Liverpool, NY –
Amateur Repeater clubs from all over the state staked out bridges and Thruway overpasses last night, making sure that pranksters didn't throw pumpkins and other objects down onto passing motorists.

Bob Hamby, Pumpkin Patrol Director for the Liverpool Amateur Repeater club, says a thrown pumpkin can cause serious damage to a vehicle traveling at highway speed.

He says the HAM operators don't apprehend potential vandals, but they are in constant contact with New York State Troopers on patrol.

Syracuse, NY – More than 100 airport screeners graduated from months of training at Hancock International Airport in Syracuse yesterday.

Gary Milano, the Transportation Security Administration's director at Hancock, says the training was intense. The screeners learned to identify objects in x-ray machines.

These screeners are among the first to go through training and be qualified as federal security employees.

Albany, NY – An anti-gambling coalition will be allowed to go ahead with their lawsuit challenging a state law that would greatly expand gaming in New York.

Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi says the law, which, among other thing, would allow video slots at horse racing tracks, is "ripe for judicial review."

Vernon, NY – The Oneida Indian Nation has spent the past few weeks "getting out the vote."

Last week, they held a voter registration day for all employees. That event resulted in 100 new voters.

The Nation has also been holding informational meetings, examining where certain candidates stand on issues related to the Oneida Nation and it's enterprises.

New York – November 1st marks the one year anniversary of a law that bans motorists from using a hand held cellular device while driving.

A spokesman for New York State police, Troop D, says officers have seen a marked decline in drivers on cell phones.

The New York State police say at least 16,000 motorists have been ticketed for cell phone violations.

Albany, NY – Although Winter doesn't officially begin until December 21st, much of Upstate New York will get a taste of the season today.

Ironically, Governor Pataki has designated next week as Winter Preparedness week.

The New York State Department of Emergency Managment has some tips on preparing for wintry conditions:

1. Have a professional check your furnace, woodstove, and chimney to make sure there are no fire hazards.

2. Replace all batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Albany, NY –
A Marist College poll of likely voters shows Governor Pataki with a mammoth lead over Democrat Carl McCall and Independence Party candidate Thomas GOlisano.

Pataki leads McCall by at least 20 points.

The governor leads Golisano by 30 percentage points.

Still, Pataki says he won't rest on his laurels.

He continues to tour the state, talking with union leaders today.

Albany, NY –
A Marist College poll of likely voters shows Governor Pataki with a mammoth lead over Democrat Carl McCall and Independence Party candidate Thomas GOlisano.

Pataki leads McCall by at least 20 points.

The governor leads Golisano by 30 percentage points.

Still, Pataki says he won't rest on his laurels.

He continues to tour the state, talking with union leaders today.

Albany, NY – Don't be surprised if you don't see as many trick or treaters as you used to.

An Albany Times Union Poll shows that many parents are opting out of traditional trick or treating excursions. Instead, parents are taking their children to parties, community center haunted houses, and malls that offer safe trick-or-treat programs.

Some towns are limiting trick or treat hours. One southern tier town has decided to put a 9 p.m. curfew on trick ot treaters this year.